Monday, March 23, 2015

Maybe, just maybe

I did not get to post yesterday; but, we had a moment of excitement.  Less than 24 hours after the birdhouse was installed, we had "potential buyers".  :)  Stay tuned... 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Here birdy, birdy...

Last weekend, Ron and Emerson had the opportunity to build a birdhouse with Emerson's Tiger Scout den.  Emerson was so very proud of his birdhouse!  Max had been camping that weekend and barely made it in the door before Emerson was showing the birdhouse to him.  "Proud" might be an understatement for how Emerson felt!
Today, Ron and Emerson hung it up on a pole near our pond.  It was so sweet watching them work together.
Emerson held the pvc pipe down while Daddy cut it. 

Daddy even let Emerson drill holes.

Emerson did a great job holding it while Daddy attached it to the post.  Now we just need the birds.  Trust me...Emerson is watching and giving reports.  Fyi...he has not seen any go in yet.  Bless his heart!
Carley was a bit bored while we worked on the birdhouse.

She kept hinting that she wanted a good belly rubbing.  :)


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Glasses for Everyone

Well, it is official...everyone in our house wears glasses now.  Sydney made an interesting observation.  The three oldest in the house, Ron, Max, and I, only have to wear our glasses for reading and while on the computer.  The youngest three, Sydney, Veronica, and Emerson need to wear their glasses all the time.  Strange how that worked out!

This picture is too funny.  Veronica cracks me up with her facial expression here.  Emerson is trying not to smile because Max had not in the first picture we took.  Max is trying to humor me. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Here is a picture to go along with Sydney's post from yesterday.
Carnival in Venice

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sydney's Point of View- Trip to Italy

On our recent trip to Italy, we were able to see many amazing pieces of art, such as the David, the Trevi fountain, and many other wonderful sculptures and paintings. We were astounded by how complicated and detailed the pieces of art were. We also ran into pickpockets on our way to Pompeii, we all had to be extremely aware of our surroundings, because the trains had more local people, than on the other, nicer trains. Pompeii, that was amazing! You could still see paintings, and the colors were still vibrant (but, of course, not as vibrant as they were thousands of years ago). The most vibrant color, I would say would be the reds. At the train station, we had picked up lunch to have at Pompeii, but if you eat inside of a restaurant, then you get a pretty big tax. So, where no one could see us (that much) we ate our Paninis. Max was joking around that the "building" was a pizzeria because of all of the cheese that had fallen to the ground. :) Unfortunately it was raining, so everyone was tired and wet and we started heading toward the Pompeii museum. It was about half a mile from the actual city, and when we got there, we saw that it was closed! Everyone's spirits were down on the trek back to the train station. we got on the train, and found seats (unlike going), and Emerson fell asleep on my shoulder. We got on the next train, and got back to the apartment. We ate dinner, and all slept soundly that night. So, that was Rome and Pompeii, now, our personal favorite, Florence! We traveled to Florence by train, and before we knew it, we were at the train station. Some guy came up to us, and asked us if we would like him to drive us somewhere, still shaken up from Rome, we said no, and looked for a cab. Since there are six people in our family, it is hard to find a right sized cab. We were not able to find one, since we don't like to split up. We eventually tried to find the guy who said he would drive us. He was already asking someone else and hoping they would say no to him. He said that he would drive them, so we were back to square one. Someone tapped Dad on the shoulder, Dad looked around and saw someone who looked like the other driver. he said that he was the guy's brother, ant that he could drive us. Since we had no luck with the cabs, Dad said yes. We piled in the van and when we got to the apartment, we were amazed, it was beautiful! Mom and Dad shared a room, and Veronica, Emerson, and Sydney shared a room together, while Max got his own. The next day we explored Florence and the Ponte Vecchio bridge. All of the stores were jewelry! The nice lady that owns the apartment that we were staying in, was also a tour guide! She said that she was making a tour/scavenger hunt tour for families, and asked us if we wanted to try it out for free. Of course we said yes, I mean, who would turn down something that was free? We all had lots of fun doing that. After dinner every night, we would go down to the amazing gelato place next to our apartment. Dad said that for a special treat, since Florence is know for its amazing jewelry, each of the girls could get a piece of jewelry from one of the local shops. Veronica got a cross necklace, while Mom and I got cameo rings. Now for Venice, the city of love. We (again) traveled by train to Venice. We traveled by water taxi to where we were supposed to meet someone to show us to our apartment. The lady was twenty minutes late, and was trying to make up time by fast walking to the apartment. She showed us around, and we were again shocked. except not in the same way. It was three rooms total. They had made the apartment look bigger than it actually was in the photos. We started to explore Venice and saw lots of cool things. On the day before we left, it was the first day of carnival. We bought masks and wore them that day. What was really awesome, was that no one gave us a second glance. Well, that was our amazing trip to Italy, and I hope that you all get to go someday and see all of the masterpieces and wonders, of Italy!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

More Changes

Looking at the top of our blog, I am amazed at how outdated it is.  After all, Ron has not had the opportunity to touch a golf club in years.  Max and Sydney have not played basketball in quite awhile.  Veronica's last dance class was Chinese dance although that was just last year.  Emerson has an actual name now not just "Lil' Bubba".  Our poor sweet furry family members, Enzo and Zeus, have both sadly passed away.

Although I know I should change this, I am not ready to.  There is family history in that little banner!  I am hoping to print out our blog one of these days.  Then, and only then, will I have the heart to change the look of our blog.  What can I say?  I am a sentimental fool. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Life is good!

I have to admit that I am really not sure what lead me here nor do I know what I am about to type.  So, let's see what comes out...

Since the last time I blogged, our life has changed a good way...a very good way.  Ron has a new job and well, in a way so do I, and the kiddos have a new school.  We left their brick and mortar school behind and have taken on a new adventure this school year.  They are attending an online school and we are LOVING it.  Of course, that is where my new job comes in.  I am here to guide them and help keep them on track.  (Long gone are the bon-bons and sitting around with my feet up.  Okay, not sure when that actually happened; but, it does make a point to how busy we are.)  There are way more positives here than negatives though.  I have ALL my babies home with me now.  (Granted, not a one of them is actually a baby these days- 14, 11, 8, and 7; but, they will always be my babies!)  I know what they are learning and have access to their grades at any moment.  I can see how productive or unproductive they are being.  I see the highs and lows as they are occurring.  Ron is home with us most days, as well with his new job.  Our whole family is together.  Yippee!!!!

This is not to say every day is full of rainbows and unicorns, of course.  We have our struggles and disagreements.  Mom still does not always know best.  Imagine that!  We have eye rolls and flared tempers.  It is all part of the process though.  It is all good!  Life is good!

To my bloggy friends, I miss you and hopefully, we can catch up soon!