Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day Geocaching

Technically, it was February 28 rather than 29 when we went on our latest search.  Regardless, it counted for a Leap Day geocaching badge.  It started as a normal PSR day for myself and Veronica who loves to help me out in class.  When we were leaving, Ron texted me to say he and the other kids were in town to get the boys' hair cut.  He mentioned wanting to grab a quick lunch and a quick cache before running on other errands.  We decided that we could meet up for lunch somewhere, the cache, and then I could take the other kiddos home.  That would save Ron and Max a trip home.  Perfect!  It was such a beautiful day to be outside.  We could not miss the opportunity.

(Above) Here are Ron, Emerson, and Veronica on their way to the cache site.
(Below) Max was on the hunt.

There was a slight problem.  With this last minute decision to go geocaching, Sydney and I were not wearing the proper "stomping through the woods and under bridges" footwear.  We were the support team up above.  :)

Looking forward to more beautiful days in order to spend this time out and about as a family.  :)

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